Halfway through 2015, we moved schools due to a number of reasons. While it wasn’t the main reason, one of the reasons was because we continually struggled with supposedly ‘chemical free’ classrooms and chemical free protocols that were agreed to but not always adhered to at many schools.

At our new school, the Principal asked us what the school could do beyond the classroom to help with their chemical sensitivities. We actually weren’t sure because we had never been asked that by any other school, principal or teacher, but we were very grateful. The Deputy Principal came up with a few ideas but none of them were really viable. It was through our own research that we found Nora and Tersano. The next step was to get it paid for by the school or the through the Department of Education, which we were concerned about because we believed it would be a long and complex approval process.

Fortunately, a unit was donated to our school by a lovely person who cared enough to help. After the Tersano information was given to the Principal and permission was granted for its use, the Tersano unit was installed at the school. Nora trained the cleaning staff/Deputy Principal on its use and the school has been using it ever since. As far as cleaning chemicals go, it is a chemical free school.

We have definitely noticed a decrease in our children’s reactions, especially rashes, since the school introduced the Tersano chemical free cleaning system, and the school has adhered to the chemical free class protocols.

Parent – Hughes Primary School, ACT


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